Make your Christmas holidays magical with our artificial Christmas trees of the Ukrainian manufacturer for wholesale prices

Christmas trees of all sizes, different colors and texture from affordable to premium class.



Our advantages

Wide range of products


  • Green
  • White
  • Blue


  • Desk
  • Floor
  • Street


  • Film
  • Line
  • 3D plastic

The best conditions


  • Low price
  • Quick shipping
  • Good logistics

Affordable prices to

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Medium-sized business
  • Trading companies


  • Correspondence to state standard
  • Return policy
  • High quality

Classes of Christmas trees

Spectacular Christmas trees of three types

Height from 25 to 500 cm

Artificial Christmas trees can be of different height. If you wish it’s possible to decorate your desktop with a small Christmas tree, the height of which does not exceed 20 cm. For big premises or open space territories, it is possible to choose Christmas tree higher than 10 m. A product line that manufacturers offer is various and you can undoubtedly choose an artificial Christmas tree according to your taste and height you desire.

The length of a branch from 4 to 12 cm

The length of a branch of a separate artificial Christmas tree is very important. The more its length, the fluffier a Christmas tree looks. Buyer’s tastes also influence a lot as this parameter deserves an important attention especially if you buy a Christmas tree online. In that case, you’ll have a bigger understanding of a product.

Number of branches from 14 to 1268

Artificial Christmas tree’s common number of branches is also an important issue. It is not obligatory for branches to be very numerous if they are three-dimensional enough. Another variant is a huge number of small branches which make together a thick crown. Which Christmas tree you’ll choose depends only on your taste.

Number of layers from 5 till 47

Any artificial Christmas tree consists of several layers, i.e. groups of branches. Their number, of course, depends also on the height of the product. Apart from this, the number of layers influences the appearance of a Christmas tree. The more layers and the less distance between them, the fluffier a Christmas tree will be. As a rule with an increase in a number of the layers, the price of a Christmas tree also increases.

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The nearer the Christmas the more a Christmas tree costs
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Our approach to quality

Easily assembled and dismantled

Fluffy branches

Reliable packaging

Articulated architecture

Branches are securely joined by a strong thread

Robust holder

About us

Our company has been a market leader in the production of artificial Christmas trees for many years. We offer artificial Christmas trees of all sizes, different colors and texture from affordable to premium class.

We supply with artificial Christmas trees from 45 to 600 cm inner market as well as we export to Poland, Czech Republic, Holland and other European countries. All our products have a perfect quality which is proved by normative documents and reviews of the buyers. We take care of product life cycle and keeping our clients satisfied with the service and their investments.

Should you trust us? You definitely should! There are all grounds for this, in particular, our history and our own technologies, transparency of work, standards of quality and respect for each client. We hope that the information about our company below will help you make the right choice.

Фотогалерея производства

How our production works

Additional income

It’s not a secret that seasonal income often makes income for the whole year. The main holiday of the year is Christmas and the best moment is the preparation for it. No wonder why they say sometimes that the expectation of a holiday is better than holiday itself.

Seriously, a month before Christmas is a golden opportunity for earning an additional income. Visits of Santa Claus to houses, holiday scripts, corporate events, all these require a lot of worries and efforts

In turn, we offer you to work with completely concrete, understandable and qualitative product. Try to sell artificial Christmas trees and various accessories for Christmas holidays. To do this, you do not need to stick a beard of cotton wool or wear a bunny costume to draw attention to our product which undoubtedly everybody needs in December.

How to set up this business on your own? Call us and we will share our own and partner experience. In short, this may be a sale of the product through your personal website, social networks, online stores, seasonal bazaars in crowded places, specialized exhibitions, etc. The main thing is to start analyzing your opportunities.

In addition to this, if you have your own production of Christmas goods (toys, tinsel, garlands, souvenirs etc) or established contacts of exclusive shipping, we already have a subject for a discussion!
Email, phone, come to "Christmas" company. We are sure that our collaboration will be successful and satisfactory!