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Artificial Christmas trees
from the manufacturer
Wide choice, low prices

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Our advantages
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    • Actual production capacity.
    • Work under agreement.
    • Bank letter of credit.
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    • All goods are certified.
    • Only original products without fakes.
    • Many positive responses.
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    • We answer all questions.
    • We are attentive to the customers’ needs.
    • We work honestly and conscientiously.
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    Key advantages:
    • The widest range.
    • Own production.
    • Stunning price-quality ratio.

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Our products
Classic Fir Tree

Consists of PVC film – the simplest and most inexpensive type of material. These Christmas trees are fluffy, soft and look quite natural.

Fluffy Pine Tree

The needles are thick, the ends of the needles are slightly fluffed up and have a lighter shade. Due to this “fluff”, twigs are softer to the touch.

Mix Pine Tree

It looks like our usual pine tree. The needles are dense, firm to the touch, rich dark green and light green in color.

Snow-Covered Pine Tree

Thanks to the white tips creating the effect of frost lying on the branches, you can leave out decorations – it is beautiful by itself.

Lux Molded Fir Tree

The twigs of this Christmas tree have maximum similarity with the natural boughs. Molded needles are indistinguishable from the natural ones. The needles are resilient, do not crease.

Molded King’s Pine Tree

It is indistinguishable from the real one both from far and near. It is even better, because it has even fluffiness on all sides. The needles are like the real ones – alittle prickly.

Molded Blue Spruce

It is a Christmas tree of extraordinary beauty characterized by unusual needles – long, soft twigs blue in color.

Molded Fairy Tale

Short elastic needles of this Christmas tree are made of molded soft plastic green in color. Fresh young shoots provide this model with similarity with a real forest beauty.

Outdoor Christmas Trees

Easy to assemble, compact in storage. Due to its rugged metal frame, it is resistant to adverse weather conditions: strong winds, precipitation, snow storms.

Fir Tree Garlands

Green garlands with thick needles and short fluffy twigs are widely used in the design of various interiors. Fir tree garlands can be positioned above arches and doorways.

Pine Tree Garlands

Extremely beautiful garlands of pine branches. Long matte needles and imitationof wood which can be seen through it give the impression of a real tree.

Christmas Wreaths

Gorgeous thick wreaths of many fir twigs will be an excellent basis for any fantasies on the theme of Christmas decorations. It can be decorated with Christmas balls or used as a festive interior detail.

Our approach to quality
PVC materials


Steel frame

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Connection of
branches with a special
strong thread


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family business

Our company has been satisfying wholesalers’ needs with high-quality Christmas products for many years. We produce artificial Christmas trees on our own: we select materials, practice production process, assemble, pack and ship to our customers! Our Christmas trees please with their variety and the price-quality ratio.
Our Christmas trees are different, but one thing unites them all – perfectquality confirmed by relevant documents.

Whether to trust our company? This is everyone’s question. We sincerely hope that the information you can obtain from our managers will help you make the right choice.

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Factory of artificial Christmas trees

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New Year is Business

The income that can be earned from any seasonal business is equal to the income earned throughout the year. New Year is the most important and solemn holiday of the year, so it is possible to earn money both from the New Year’s Eve fuss and the holiday itself. Methods of earning are different and quite interesting, as they are associated with pleasant moments of preparation for the New Year. The work will be mainly of interest to people working or wishing to work in the creative sector. This may be a temporary part-time work for students and senior citizens, additional income or combination with the main work. And the possible types of this seasonal business are as follows:

1. Organization and conduct of holidays. Let’s start with the fact that the New Year is celebrated by everyone: both adults and children. Therefore, the spectrum of specific types of this holiday is large enough: children’s matinees, school holidays, corporate parties at work, parties and family events. Here it comes to providing a full range of services: inviting Father Frost and Snow Maiden, toastmaster, DJ, presenter, hall decoration, holiday photo and video shooting, individual programs, menus, etc. You can work on your own, or find partners. And it is even better to cooperate with someone and work together. It is possible to earn very decent money.

2. Sale of artificial Christmas trees and related products. The idea is not new, but it is working. Just purchase artificial Christmas trees by wholesale, find a place to trade and sell. But there is some risk associated just with the seasonality of the business. After the New Year, no one will need these trees. But it is worth the risk, as markups on this product are high enough. Here the most important thing is to find a good transit place, on which all of your income will depend. It can be a place at a special Christmas fair, or near a stop – decide for yourself which one is more convenient to you. And best of all is to make arrangements with a shop, for example, a grocery, and lease out a place outside, near the shop.

3. Production of Christmas gifts and cards. Each of us, at least once in a lifetime, made Christmas snowflakes and garlands as a child. Here everything is the same, only more globally and seriously. It is necessary to study the exact technology of the production of goods you want to produce. The range of Christmas gifts is huge and diverse, ranging from Christmas balls to Christmas tinsel and strands. If you decide to seriously engage in this kind of business, you need to purchase the necessary equipment and materials. You can sell finished products through the Internet, to kindergartens and schools, or open a little online store.